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Apple's Stamplay Acquisition

Stamplay, a smaller API Integration player, primarily focused in Italy and around the EU, had been shopping itself around for a while. A small company with less than a handful of employees, it’s $5.7M exit to Apple is clearly nothing for Apple, but for Stamplay - a big deal! Congrats to them for the acquisition and for the acquihire.

Stamplay continues the trend of the API Integration’s 2nd wave, back to reality, where API Integration gets put into the back-of-the-house as an IT function.

Whether Apple has any external use for this for customers, since they already have Automator, Workflow, and AppleScript, is yet to be seen. Stamplay, like most API Integration providers, focuses on a b2b clientelle, and not end-consumers.

Apple reportedly acquires Stamplay, Venturebeat